a name with tradition

For over fifty years, DSCHULNIGG in Salzburg has been the shop for hunters and for everyone who loves the country and the outdoors. The traditional business has earned an excellent reputation over the decades, extending even beyond our national borders. Europe’s most prominent have learned to appreciate the expert advice and high quality of the traditional shop.

and originality

Many prominent guests, both domestic and foreign, have visited the traditional DSCHULNIGG shop and have since become “friends” of the house. It is important to DSCHULNIGG to treat all guests with affection, as well as professional and technical advice.

at home and abroad

Since the company’s founding in the year 1946, customers and guests have been asked to make an entry in our famous company guest book. For nearly 60 years, many prominent guests, both domestic and foreign, have immortalized themselves in our books. Stop by for a visit and take a look at our unique guest book from DSCHULNIGG.